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New Zealand's Trusted Manufacturer of Advanced Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Panels, Networking & Software

Fire Alarm Control Panels (Fire Panel), Networking, Extinguishing Agent (Fire Suppression), Mimics, Repeaters, Remote Displays, Transmitters, Software Applications, Equipment Cabinets, Tools, Test Equipment, Accessories

Detectors, MCPs & Modules

Point-Type Smoke and Heat Detectors and Bases, Flame Detector, Aspirating Smoke Detection, Beam and Duct Smoke Detection, Linear Heat Detection, Manual Call Points, Input and Output Modules, Hazardous Area Detection

Alerting (Alarm) Devices

Sounders, Speakers, Amplifiers, Strobes, AV Signs, Sounders for Hazardous Areas, Wireless Alarm Devices, and MNS

Power Supplies

Supervised Power Supplies with Battery Cabinets, Power Supply Modules, Power Supply Monitors, and PSU Accessories

Waterflow Devices

Sprinkler Interfaces and Controllers, Direct Brigade Alarms (DBA), Alarm Transmitters, Waterflow Detection Switches, Pressure Switches, and Sprinkler System Accessories

Discontinued Products

Information and downloads for discontinued products. These products are no longer available for new installations.Spare parts may be available. Contact us for more information.


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