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Multi-Function Loop Responder


AALR-MF Loop Responder

The Pertronic Multi-Function Loop Responder connects to the Pertronic analogue addressable fire alarm loop. The Loop Responder interfaces with devices such as conventional zone detection circuits, sprinkler flow switches, aspirating detectors, or SCADA systems.


  • Supports either NZS 4512:2010 or NZS 4512:1997 detection zones
  • Eight optional input modes, selected by rotary switch on the PCB
  • Seven-segment display identifies events: reporting a number denoting the circuit and a¬†letter showing the status (available via display press button)
  • Rotary decade address switches
  • Switch selectable power source: AA loop or external power supply
  • Provides a configurable form C (change-over) relay output which may be configured as:
    - One voltage-free change-over relay output, or
    - Supervised speaker switch connection to a 100 Volt Line audio circuit
  • Connects to the standard 2-wire analogue addressable loop wiring
  • Integral short-circuit isolator
  • Cabinet available to house one or two Loop Responders
  • Backward compatible with AA Loop Responder¬†F100LR-3