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The trusted manufacturer of advanced life safety and property protection systems

F220 and Net2 Network Fire Systems

Intelligent addressable fire detection, alarm, and suppression control system with fast high-capacity network; superior information processing and display; easy to use graphic user interface; advanced interfacing and control capabilities; and user friendly programming & analysis.

Annunciators & Communicators

Fire panel and network remote control units, remote displays, control boards, indicating boards, annunciator units, communicators

Software Applications

Software applications (apps) for enhancing, managing, and programming fire protection systems, including the Pertronic FireMap® fire system management tool and graphic user interface (GUI), and the FireUtils® programming and diagnostic application for Pertronic F220 Net2 systems.

Point Detectors & Bases

Point-type plug-in smoke detectors, heat detectors, multi-criteria detectors, detector bases, remote indicators, color kits, trim rings, installation equipment and accessories for point-type detectors

Manual Station

Manual pull station (emergency call point, BGA).

Monitoring, Control, & Other SLC Devices

Intelligent addressable devices for Pertronic F220 signaling line circuits (SLC) including monitor (input) modules, control (output) modules, I/O modules, addressable notification appliances, other SLC-loop powered devices, and accessories.

Notification Appliances

Notification devices for F220 notification appliance circuits (NAC) or signaling line circuits (SLC): Audible signal appliances (bells, chimes, horns, sounders); Visible signal appliances (strobes, beacons); Audible-visible appliances (chime-strobes, horn-strobes, sounder-strobes).

Detectors, Bases, & Accessories

Point-type plug-in smoke detectors, heat detectors, multi-criteria detectors, detector bases, beam smoke detection, duct smoke detection, aspirating smoke detection, line-type (linear) heat detection, CO detection, flame detectors, special detection.