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Pertronic Industries was established in 1982 and has been delivering fully compliant, high-quality automatic fire detection and alarm systems since 1986. Our sales, distribution, and service network includes offices in Auckland, Wellington, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, together with distributors covering South-East Asia, the Western Pacific, and the Americas. Our success is built on the commitment, integrity, and experience of our people, and the versatility, scalability, and reliability of our technically-advanced products. We are committed to being where we are needed, when we are needed, because prompt, personal, responsive service builds enduring relationships.


A Pertronic F40 Fire Panel

Pertronic Industries was established in 1982 to develop and manufacture advanced niche-market electronic products. The company’s first contribution to fire protection in New Zealand was the development and production of power supplies for the New Zealand Fire Service’s control and communications equipment.

The first automatic fire alarm control panel designed and built by Pertronic Industries was the F30, launched in 1986. This highly successful product used conventional detection technology, and was installed in thousands of buildings throughout New Zealand during the 1980s and 1990s.

In 1991 Pertronic Industries developed equipment for the New Zealand National Alarm Transport System (ATS), which enabled automatic fire alarm systems to be monitored from remote locations. The LTX data-over-voice communication equipment was first produced in early 1991 and remained in production for almost ten years.

Also in 1991, Pertronic Industries launched the F40, an advanced fire alarm control panel for larger facilities. The F40’s addressable detection technology assigned a unique digital address to each small group of fire detectors. Based on this technology, the F40 was able to clearly identify the source of an alarm in the event of a fire.

During the late 1990s Pertronic Industries introduced a new range of microprocessor-controlled conventional fire alarm control panels for small to medium-sized facilities. Conventional detection technology allows a fire alarm control panel to identify any “zone” which contains an active smoke alarm. Although not as precise as addressable detection technology, conventional technology is more than adequate for many smaller buildings and facilities. The high quality Pertronic F1, F4, and F16 conventional panels quickly became popular with fire alarm specialists. Updated versions of these products still dominate the market for conventional automatic fire detection systems in New Zealand.

Intelligent addressable detection technology was introduced to the Pertronic product range during the late 1990s with the launch of the F100A and F120A fire alarm control panels, replacing the F40. Intelligent addressable devices are individually addressable. In addition, intelligent addressable devices measure quantities such as temperature or the amount of smoke in their vicinity. The devices digitally encode these measurements and report the encoded data to the fire alarm control panel. With this technology, the Pertronic F100A and F120A can recognize and respond to information from each individual detector.

Following the introduction of these new panels, the Pertronic intelligent addressable product range was progressively expanded to include networking, remote monitoring and diagnostics, interfacing with business management systems (BMS), graphics, and paging systems.

Pertronic Industries opened its first Australian office in Melbourne in 1999. This move coincided with the introduction of an Australian version of the Pertronic F100A, which was one of the first fire alarm control panels approved under a new Australian fire alarm standard, AS 4428.1.

Pertronic Industries achieved ISO 9001 certification for its head office quality management systems in 2004. In 2016, we introduced the Pertronic F220, which features advanced information presentation and a new, high-speed network system optimized for large facilities and major infrastructure projects.

We have continued to expand and improve our product range to satisfy the ever-changing requirements of modern construction projects.


PCB assembly at Pertronic Industries

PCB assembly at Pertronic Industries

Our manufacturing operation is designed around the flexibility of our modular product system and its vast range of options and peripherals. Each Pertronic fire alarm control panel is built to a specific customer specification, which often calls for a unique set of optional components.

Pertronic Industries has been manufacturing fire systems since 1986. We have demonstrated the high quality and solid reliability of our products in a wide range of applications across New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific region. Specialist PCB assembly companies and metalwork companies work in a close relationship with Pertronic Industries to produce world-class products at competitive prices.

Our customers expect superior quality and reliability. Satisfying that expectation requires uncompromising integrity and a total commitment to manufacturing excellence. That's why our ISO 9001-certified factory incorporates advanced manufacturing technology and techniques such as automatic assembly and testing.



Research & Development

Research & Development at Pertronic Industries

Pertronic Industries is committed to ongoing research and development. We invest a substantial part of our annual profits in continual innovation and improvement. Research & development at Pertronic Industries is guided by an acute awareness of the critical role of fire detection and alarm systems in safeguarding personnel, protecting property, and maintaining operational continuity.

Our research and development process is designed to discover exactly how and why our customers need specific solutions that go above and beyond the capabilities of today's fire systems. We go the extra distance to satisfy those needs. Regular communication with key stakeholders helps ensure that each new product has the right features, performance, and options.



Support & Training

A Customer Support Engineer at Pertronic Industries

We are committed to being where we are needed, when we are needed. We work with qualified professional consultants, engineers, and contractors to satisfy the unique requirements of every project, regardless of size or complexity. Expert advice is just a phone call away.

Our support and training services cover the entire system life-cycle, including tendering, design, implementation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, and upgrading. We strongly believe that prompt, personal, responsive service builds enduring relationships.

Our expert staff have worked on many of Australasia's most challenging projects. Our training and support services provide direct access to this wealth of experience.

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