Intelligent addressable fire panel. 7 inch color display. User-friendly information presentation. Up to 8 intelligent addressable signaling line circuits (SLC). Four notification appliance circuits (NAC). Compatible with Pertronic Net2 Network. Wide range of cabinet sizes.

F220 Full Annunciator

Full remote control and display of all available information for a Pertronic F220© fire panel. 7 inch color display. Cable length up to 6,500 feet (fire panel to annunciator).

Net2 Network

Network up to 160 F220 fire panels in a single system. Three second response time. Native interfaces for BMS (Modbus), FireMap GUI, text-based systems. Upload and download entire network configuration over one Ethernet connection.

Net2 Full Annunciator

Full remote control and display of all available information for a Net2 Network system. 7 inch color display. Configurable to control and monitor selected F220 fire panels or the entire network. Cable length up to 6,500 feet.

FireMap GUI

Fire system management tool (GUI). In the event of an alarm, FireMap automatically displays a map, with the zone containing the alarm signal highlighted in red. Active devices are shown in red. FireMap also sounds an audible warning of the alarm condition.


Free Windows-compatible programming and diagnostic application for Pertronic F220® fire panels and Pertronic F220 Net2 networks. Transfers a complete configuration program to or from an F220 Net2 network over a single Ethernet connection.

Net2 Network Card

Net2 Network node or FireMap interface. Configurable as network interface for F220 fire panel and/or Net2 network annunciators. Also configurable as network interface for BMS, FireMap, or text system. May be configured to connect FireMap to a stand-alone F220 fire panel

FIBNET Converter

Connects fiber-optic cable to one network port on a Pertronic Net2 Network Card. Available for single-mode and multi-mode fiber. Allows any segment on the network to use copper (RS-485), single-mode fiber, or multi-mode fiber.