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Pertronic FireUtils® V8 Speeds Up Fire Panel Programming

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FireUtils® V8 is the latest release of our fire system programming tool. This new release has loads of new and enhanced features.

The new "Copy” tool is a major highlight of the new release. The Copy tool allows users to select multiple items in an editing grid. These items can be copied and pasted to another fire panel, or to another part of the original editing grid. FireUtils® V8 users can “Copy”, “Move”, and “Paste” items in all editing grids (except System Events).

Redesigned menus, toolbar, and screens in FireUtils® V8 require fewer mouse-clicks for routine operations. The revised “Device Type Selector” requires fewer clicks when adding new devices with virtual detectors.

Visualisation tools have also been overhauled. The “I/O Trace” graphical cause-effect logic display now has “navigate to object”, “open new trace”, “export the trace”, “manual refresh”, and more readable flag identifiers. In addition, the component tree is now able to show every component used in the configuration programme.

We have also revamped network mapping. Users can now add multiple network maps in one operation. And, file import and export has been improved so that users can process network mapping data in spreadsheets and text editors. This is a first step toward more efficient programming of complex fire alarm networks, and lays a foundation for future enhancements.

Pertronic urges all FireUtils® users to upgrade to the latest version of FireUtils®. It takes only a few minutes and the new features can be expected to save time on future projects.

Click here to download FireUtils® V8

More New Features in FireUtils® V8

  • FireUtils spell-checks all descriptors and the fire panel Notes field
  • Performance has been optimised to ensure FireUtils keeps up with rapid data entry
  • The redesigned Zone Manager displays the component tree and zone assignments in a single window, and features simplified device allocation, deallocation, and reassignment
  • FireUtils® V8 automatically handles time zone settings. Users need only to enter the local time and date.
  • FireUtils® V8 includes handy new tips and advice for users
  • From V8, FireUtils allows users to choose whether the F220 “ACF Disable” button will, or will not, disable AA Fan Relay (FANR) modules

Analysis Tools

  • The Virtual Display & Keyboard has been fine-tuned for consistent behaviour on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers (Mainly around audio features)
  • Exported log files have been reformatted for importing and processing in Excel
  • The PSU log display in FireUtils now has a “zoom” facility

Fire System Upgrades

  • New F100A import utility converts a Pertronic F100A configuration directly to an F220 configuration programme
  • New F120A to F220 Upgrade Report provides details of the upgrade process and identifies areas where support is lost
  • FireUtils® V8 imports network mappings from Pertronic F100A & F120A networks

Network Management

  • In FireUtils® V8 the Network Mapping Manager gives more information
  • Network Mapping Manager allows multiple mapping operations. In addition to mapping one mappable object to one network input, V8 provides the following mapping operations:
    • One to Many
    • Many to One
    • Multiple One to One
    • Multiple One to Many
    • Multiple Many to One
  • An exported network mapping file can now be directly imported. This makes it easier to create or edit the network mapping in external computer apps
  • The new Network Statistics Screen displays node, fire panel, and mapping details including the number of used and unused components. The screen provides statistics for LEDs, NMOs, Network Inputs, and mapping anomalies
  • The new “Network > Send Configuration...” menu option automatically deploys a complete network configuration programme, with error-checking and a manual abort facility

Visit the product page to download FireUtils® V8