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Ormiston Town Center

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Ormiston Town Center is a new retail mall in southeast Auckland, New Zealand. The center includes department stores, shops, indoor food court, eateries, supermarket, kindergarten, gym, cinema complex with eight theatres, and a three-level carpark.

The mall and its occupants are protected by a Pertronic F220-Net2 network installed by Triangle Fire Protection. The network includes four F220 fire panels monitoring 1042 intelligent addressable smoke and eight intelligent addressable heat detectors. A four-pipe VESDA-E aspirating smoke detector covers the food court, which has a very high ceiling and difficult access for point smoke detector maintenance. Another VESDA-E covers the cinema escalator and lobby area, which also has a high ceiling. The VESDA units communicate with the F220 network via intelligent addressable input modules.

A VESDA aspirating smoke detector covers the cinema escalator, where a high ceiling and difficult access make smoke detector maintenance impractical.

A VESDA aspirating smoke detector covers the cinema escalator, where a high ceiling and difficult access make smoke detector maintenance impractical.

The F220 network also monitors flow switches in each of the 23 fire sprinkler zones. Intelligent addressable manual call points at 160 locations throughout the center allow occupants to trigger the fire alarm system.

In the event of a fire alarm incident, the F220 network automatically calls the fire brigade and broadcasts an NZS 4512 evacuation tone and voice message over a supervised 100 volt sound system covering the entire mall. In the cinema complex, the F220 network turns off the projectors and cinema sound systems, turns on the cinema lights, and de-activates the electro-magnetic cinema door holders. The Pertronic F220 fire panels also shut off the center’s gas supply and non-essential mechanical services. Fire-fighters can operate the carpark jet fans via the Pertronic Fan Controls on the main remote annunciator panel.

The F220 network is programmed to activate smoke control curtains and fire shutters, based on information from relevant detectors. For example, fire curtains between the car park and the mall interior automatically deploy if the adjacent car park sprinkler zone is activated. Smoke curtains in the mall interior deploy in response to nearby smoke detector activations.

Pertronic remote display units ensure that fire system information is available where it’s needed. Each of the four brigade attendance points has a combination LED and LCD annunciator. In addition, Net2 LCD annunciators are located in the mall management office, and the cinema office.

Pertronic custom-built LED annunciator

Custom-built LED annunciator at one of the four fire brigade attendance points. This display also has an F220-Net2 LCD annunciator, visible from inside the sprinkler room.

The Ormiston Town Centre fire system is one of the first Pertronic F220-Net2 networks in New Zealand. Pertronic Industries congratulate all project participants on the successful completion of this interesting project.