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Queensland Childrens Hospital


This hospital in South Brisbane (QLD) is the hub of Queensland’s state-wide pediatric care network. The facility offers highly specialized services to people from all over Queensland, as well as general health services to children and youths living in the inner Brisbane area.

The building has approximately 19 acres of floor area on twelve clinical levels, together with a four-level basement car park.

The complex is protected by a Pertronic FireMap© system and an F220 Net2 Network with eight Pertronic F220© fire panels monitoring 580 fire zones and more than 7,000 detectors. The smoke management system has a 350-point Pertronic purpose-built control and indicating board.

System Components

  • 8 x Pertronic F220 fire panels
  • 93 x Intelligent addressable signaling line circuits
  • 6,755 x Smoke detectors
  • 155 x Multi-criteria detectors
  • 179 x Heat detectors
  • 366 x Intelligent addressable manual alarm stations
  • 2,748 x Intelligent addressable monitor and control modules
QCH fire fan control and indicating board

A Pertronic purpose-built control and indicating board with 350 fire fan control units