Pertronic Industries has been delivering fully compliant, high-quality fire detection and alarm systems in Australia since 1999. Our sales and support offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, work closely with qualified fire professionals to satisfy the unique requirements of every project.

Our success is built on the commitment, integrity, and experience of our people, and the versatility, scalability and reliability of our technically-advanced products. We are committed to being where we are needed, when we are needed, because prompt, personal, responsive service builds enduring relationships.

The Pertronic product range offers a wide selection of modules and options. Our flexible manufacturing operation is designed to ensure that Pertronic fire systems satisfy the specific requirements of each project.

No project is too big or too complex for a Pertronic fire system. Our product range includes small fire panels suitable for systems with up to two hundred detectors or other devices. Our networkable fire alarm panels target larger sites needing tens of thousands of addressable devices. Our Firemap™ PC Graphics system manages multiple Pertronic networks that together may encompass hundreds of thousands of addressable devices such as detectors. 


Our manufacturing operation is designed around the flexibility of our modular product system and its vast range of options and peripherals. Pertronic fire alarm panels are built to specific customer specifications.

Our Customers expect superior quality and reliability. Satisfying that expectation requires uncompromising integrity and a total commitment to manufacturing excellence. That's why our ISO 9001 certified factory incorporates advanced manufacturing technology and techniques such as automatic assembly and testing.

Pertronic Industries has been manufacturing fire systems since 1986. We have demonstrated the high quality and solid reliability of our products in a wide range of applications across Australia and the Pacific region.


PCB assembly at Pertronic Industries

Research & Development

Pertronic Industries is committed to ongoing research and development. We invest a substantial part of our annual profits in continual innovation and improvement. Research & development at Pertronic Industries is guided by an acute awareness of the critical role of fire detection and alarm systems in safeguarding personnel, protecting property, and maintaining operational continuity.

Our research and development process is designed to discover exactly how and why our customers need specific solutions that go above and beyond the capabilities of today's fire systems. We go the extra distance to satisfy those needs. Regular communication with key stakeholders helps ensure that each new product has the right features, performance, and options.

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Support & Training

We are committed to being where we are needed, when we are needed. We work with qualified professional consultants, engineers, and contractors to satisfy the unique requirements of every project, regardless of size or complexity. Expert advice is just a phone call away.

Our support and training services cover the entire system life-cycle, including tendering, design, implementation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, and upgrading. We strongly believe that prompt, personal, responsive service builds enduring relationships.

Our expert staff have worked on many of Australasia's most challenging projects. Our training and support services provide direct access to this wealth of experience.

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