This photoelectric point detector is designed for general purpose smoke detection in conventional circuits. It features an on-board signal processor designed to reduce nuisance alarms.


For high humidity environments (which may cause nuisance alarms), System Sensor has this molded plastic enclosure kit for detector adapter bases in order to minimise condensation effects.

5151 Series

As 2-wire heat detectors, the System Sensor 5151 Series II range combines rate-of-rise and fixed temperature operations to provide open-area protection. They comply with AS 7240.5-2004.


Operates to a fixed temperature, and is suitable for many industrial and dirty sites where a conventional sensor wouldn't work. It's robust design enables operation in high air flow situations.


The B401 plug-in detector base is used with numerous System Sensor smoke and heat detector heads, and is much more versatile than equivalent direct-wired models.


The B401R plug-in detector base is used with a System Sensor model 2451E photoelectric head and 1451E ionization head, and also contains a resistor to provide current limiting in the alarm state.


This weatherproof heat detector is a conventional rate-of-rise heat detector, plus 60 degree C fixed temperature threshold, designed to provide open area protection in areas subject to moisture.