The Pertronic F220-Net2 Network connects multiple fire panels, Net2 Network Control Units (Net2 NCU) and Net2 remote displays into a single fault-tolerant system.


The Pertronic Net2 Network Control Unit (NCU) provides remote control and monitoring of a Net2 Network System in a full function mimic case.


The Pertronic Net2 Enhanced Mini-Mimic provides access to all available information from networked F220 fire panels, including all event screens and event logs.


The Pertronic Net2 Alarm Mini-Mimic provides remote information access from a Net2 Network System, displaying only Alarms and Warning System On.


As the central building block for the Pertronic F220-Net2 Network System, the Net2 Network Card may be configured to interface with a number of devices.


Pertronic Net2 Fibre Optic Converters (FIBNET) provide dual fibre-optic network ports for the Pertronic Net2 Network Card (NET2CARD).

RS485 Repeater

The RS-485 Repeater/Splitter creates electrically separate RS-485 segments, with bi-directional half-duplex communication between a master RS-485 and up to five repeater ports.