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Audio Distribution Module Enables Fault-Tolerant Warning Systems

ADM 4 angled

Audio evacuation warning systems are vulnerable to short-circuits caused by overheated insulation. If heat from a fire melts the 100 Volt line insulation, the resulting short-circuit will silence every speaker on the shorted cable.
People in the affected area may have no warning until it’s too late to get out safely.

The Pertronic Audio Distribution Module (ADM-4) provides a highly effective solution. This new module splits the output from a single amplifier into multiple independently controlled and monitored 100 Volt audio channels. A system built with ADM-4 modules will keep going even if one or more channels develops a short-circuit. The module’s monitoring system automatically disconnects the shorted channel, and allows distribution to continue over the unaffected channels.

Several ADM-4 modules may be connected to a single amplifier, providing four switchable audio channels per ADM-4. This simplifies audio system installations by allowing multiple spurs from a single 100 Volt audio line without compromising the defect monitoring system. Any spur can be further subdivided using additional ADM-4 modules.

A single ADM-4 module can switch up to 80 Watts per channel, or a total of 250 Watts per module. ADM-4 modules may be connected in parallel.

The ADM-4 is compatible with Pertronic evacuation amplifiers and any third-party amplifier that is controlled by a Pertronic Evacuation Generator (EVACGEN-EA).