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Galvanic Isolator

Product Overview

The  Galvanic Isolator (Y72221) is a single-channel galvanically-isolated repeater, Pepperl & Fuchs type KFD0-CS-Ex1.54-Y2.

It is designed for use as an intrinsically safe galvanic isolator between an IST200 translator module and up to fifteen 22051EISE intrinsically safe smoke sensors.

The Y72221 transfers an AC signal between the hazardous and safe areas,


  • DIN-rail mounting
  • Must be used in conjunction with the Translator Module (IST200)
  • Certified to EEx ia IIC


WARNING: The information on this website must not be treated as complete instructions for the design, construction, installation, commissioning, or maintenance of systems in hazardous areas. Cabling and fire system devices in hazardous areas must be designed and installed by properly qualified persons, in accordance with all applicable standards and regulations.