AALR-MF Loop Responder

Multi-Function Loop Responder

IST200E Module

Interface module for connecting Y72221 galvanic isolator & 22051EISE detectors to a Pertronic analogue addressable loop circuit

ORB-HT-51151 Detector

Intrinsically safe conventional heat detector with 77°C fixed (static) temperature threshold (BS EN 54-5 Class BS)

ORB-MB-50018 Base

Base for Orbis intrinsically-safe plug-in conventional detectors


Dual interface with galvanic isolation for use with conventional MCPs, fire, heat and smoke detectors located in hazardous areas

ORB-OP-52028 Detector

Intrinsically safe conventional photo-electric smoke detector (BS EN 54-7)

KFD0-CS-EX-1.51P Galvanic Isolator

Single channel galvanic isolator for use with conventional MCPs, fire and smoke detectors located in hazardous areas

M210E-CZR Module

Interface between a conventional detection zone and an AA fire panel. Especially suitable for zones in areas subject to explosive atmosphere


Intrinsically safe conventional manual call point with back-box. Suitable for surface or flush mounting

22051EISE Detector

Intrinsically-safe analogue addressable plug-in photoelectric smoke detector


Galvanic isolator for analogue addressable IS detectors. Pepperl & Fuchs type KFD0-CS-Ex1.54-Y2


Transparent hinged plastic cover for Euro Style manual call points, to reduce false alarms caused by accidental MCP activation


Intrinsically safe IP67 weatherproof conventional manual call point with back-box for surface mounting


Interface for connecting a galvanically-isolated detection zone to a Pertronic conventional FACP (F1, F4, F16e), or Loop Responder