Back Box

Back box for mounting a Pertronic manual call point on a flat surface

CCCI Interface

It's suitable for use with the F16e, F16, F4, or F1 panels, or with Loop
Responders on analogue addressable systems.

SPIB Text Interface

Interface for printers, pagers, nurse-call pagers, and other text systems. Automatically exports selected event data as a serial text stream

FINDER12.21.0.024 Time Clock

Seven-day timer with single channel form C (change-over) relay output

F4-RMAX Module

Interface for connecting a remote LED mimic to an F4 fire alarm control panel. With auxiliary fire and auxiliary fault (defect) relays

F100ZDRLY Relay Extender

8-Way Display Relay Extender Board


Signal Generating Device (Advanced Protocol) for interfacing F100A, F220, and F120A fire panels with fire brigade alarm transmitters

DETREM Remote LED Indicator

Remote LED indicator

CPPFPL Mounting Plate

Fascia panel for flush-mounting Pertronic Manual Call Points in place of large old manual call points (break-glass alarms)


Test key for Pertronic testable manual call points

DETB Detector Bracket

A right-angle mounting bracket for Pertronic heat detectors

DETSTI-9609-SS Web Stopper

Stainless steel wire guard, high profile, octagonal shape

CPTSTPRHTR Call Point Stopper

A tough, transparent, polycarbonate shield and frame that fits over a manual call point, with built-in 230 Vac heater

8SAAIB Module

8 Spur Analogue Addressable Isolator Board


Bi-directional Modbus interface for connecting a F220 FACP with one or more Modbus master devices such as a Building Management System (BMS)

BASGLX BACnet Gateway

BACnet Gateway

CP500 Programmer

Handheld Programmer for Analogue Addressable Weatherproof Detectors

8WCOMR Board

8 Way Common Relay Board

Lo Profile Keeper

Low profile keeper plate for magnetic fire door holders

F4AUXRLYV2 Relay Board

Provides additional (auxiliary) fire and fault (defect) relays for an F4 conventional fire alarm control panel

S300RPTU Programming Unit

300 Series - Remote Hand Held Programming Unit

ECO1000RTU Laser Test Unit

Remote laser test unit for System Sensor 300 Series detectors

In-Ceiling Detector Mount Kit

Kit of parts for mounting a point detector in a ceiling space.

SBB-17AH Bracket

Battery Bracket

CPTST series

A tough, transparent, polycarbonate shield and frame that fits over a manual call point. Fitted with warning sounder

Fire Door Holders

Floor-mount or wall-mount electromagnetic door holders for fire doors

FDHWM38-24V Door Holder

Wall-mount electromagnetic door holder for fire doors

FDHWM65-24V Door Holder

Wall-mount electromagnetic door holder for fire doors

STI-8100 Guard

Smoke Detector Guard

STI-8200 Guard

Smoke Detector Guard

DETSTI-9713 Detector Guard

Smoke Detector Guard

DETWGH Detector Guard

Detector Wire Guard

DETWGS Detector Guard

Detector Wire Guard (SMOKE)

DETWGSLG Detector Guard

Detector Wire Guard (SMOKE)

Smoke Pen

Smoke Pen

SMOKEPR Refill Pack

Smoke Pen (6 Sticks)


Floor Mounting Bracket for FDHWM38-24V

R2H24V Dual Relay

Dual Relay, Slugged with Isolate, 2 x 4 A C/O 24 V


Replacement windows for Manual Call Points, including Snapglaze and Break-Glass types

F100ZIPB Opto-Isolated IP Board

Eight-way opto-isolated input board for the Pertronic analogue addressable loop responder and multi-function loop responder

MOXA-TCF-142 Series

MOXA serial to fire-optic converters for RS-232 and RS-485 circuits. Transmit up to 40 km over single-mode fibre-optic cable

RLY24V Relay

Auxiliary relay board with two form C (changeover) contacts rated 4 Amps, 30 Vdc (resistive). 24 Volt (nominal) coil


Surface-mounting back boxes for L Series alarm (alerting) devices. Available in wall-mount and ceiling-mount variants.



MOXAK Ethernet Module Kit

Moxa serial to Ethernet interface kit with lead & null modem cable

NULLMOD9P Modem Cable

DB9 female to DB9 female 2-metre RS-232 null modem cable

CPTST Weatherproof

A tough, transparent, weatherproof polycarbonate shield and frame that fits over a manual call point

TESTMAG Test Magnet

Telescoping detector test magnet and pickup tool with LED light

Power Dist Board

Power Distribution Board


Flexible RS-232 extension lead with DB9 male and DB9 female connectors and straight-through connection


Replacement smoke sensor for FAAST LT-200 series aspirating smoke detectors

EXTSPKRHOUS Speaker Housing

Vandal-resistant enclosure for horn speakers. Power-coated zintec.

F120TOF220 Upgrade KIT

Kit for upgrading an F120A system to an F220, including masterboard, keyboard+display, and brackets (excludes outer door)